The Birth of Code|Body – Pre-Print

Pre-Print: Akbari, A. (2024). The Birth of Code|Body. In V. Steeves & B. Roessler (eds.). Being Human in A Digital World. Cambridge University Press. (all publication rights remain with the publisher. For a final version with page numbers, please consult the upcoming book)

Epistemic Consequences of Following Data from the Global South

Presentation at the 5th Digital Geographies Research Group Annual Symposium: Where next for Digital Geographies? Pathways and prospects, Online, 14.07.2021.

Surveillance as Spatial Injustice

Lecture at VUB Research Chair in Surveillance Studies’ Seminars, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, 17.06.2021

Authoritarian Surveillance: A Corona Test

Presentation at the Digital State: Technology and Government in Pandemic Times, the Centre for Digital Culture, the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London, 14.05.2021

Autoritärer Wandel: Wird die Corona-Krise die Überwachungspolitik ändern?

Vortrag im humangeographischen Kolloquium, Jena, Juni 2020